"The Ultimate Surge Analytics Platform for Uber Driver-Partners"

WhereMySurgeApp! enables you to maximize your income by easily locating surges in your city. Instead of wandering around aimlessly or speeding towards a surge, we show you actual surge patterns and send you a "Surge Alert" notification when it happens. We give you the most comprehensive surge info fast!

Our current metro areas: Washington DC, New York, Boston, Los Angeles, San Francisco/San Jose, Chicago, Atlanta, Miami/Ft. Lauderdale, and Houston. Subscribe to our mailing list to receive an update when new cities or countries are added!

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The best surge analytics platform for Uber Driver-Partners. Period.

Real-time surge information helps you make more money.

Driver-Partners earn 25% more using our service.

Drivers substantially increase their earnings by increasing their drives during surges - we make that happen.

SMS Push Notifications of Surges

We notify you immediately of surges in your desired areas.

Real-Time – Updated Live

Our maps are updated minute-by-minute, so you will get the surge info as fast as it's served!

App runs across all Mobile Phones, Tablet and Desktop Computers

We provide the best viewing experience without worrying about bothersome Ads, Viruses, or Privacy/Tracking issues.

Surge Alert Notifications

Push notifications the moment the surges happen equals more money in your pocket.

International Support

From Beijing to Bangkok, we got you covered.

Gives you the latest data on surges

Gives you the surge values for all products in that area.

Shows data for entire area

Find surge, non-surge, event information in your area and more.

Show Detailed Info from your Location To The Surge

Tooltip conveniently displays quick surge detail to keep you in the loop.

Interactive Tour

Handy Interactive tool to help you get full use from the app

Trusted by Uber Driver-Partners around the world:

In the past 24 hours, I've gotten 12+ Surge Alerts about surges in my area and was able to capitalize on 2 of them - so the surge alerts more than paid for itself in 1 day!
Uber Driver
US - Washington DC
The app is great! I've been able to increase my income by finding the surges a lot better - with your alerts, the surges come to me! I told all of my friends about it!
Uber Driver
US - San Francisco